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Replacing a lost social welfare book or Social Services Card


If you live in Ireland and are getting a social welfare payment, you can choose the method by which you are paid. There are three different methods of payment:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer: social welfare payment paid directly into your bank account
  • Payable order: a book of payable orders to cash at your local post office
  • Social Welfare Services Card (SWS): used for identification purposes to collect certain social welfare payments at your local post office.

If your social welfare payment book or Social Services Card is lost or stolen or destroyed you can get a replacement. You must complete an application form as soon as possible and return it to the section in the Department of Social Protection that pays your payment - see ‘How to apply’ below. The Department will then issue you with a replacement payment book or Social Services Card as quickly as possible. If you get a replacement social welfare payment book, the first order in the book will be payable on the pay-date after the last order you cashed.

How to apply

You can download an application form for a Replacement Social Services Card or Pension or Benefit or Allowance Book (pdf). You should send your application form only after it has been stamped by the Post Office where you get your payment.

Application forms are also available from your local post Office or social welfare local office or call the Department of Social Protection Lo-call Leaflet Request Line on: 1890 20 23 25

Where to apply

Send your completed application form to the section in the Department that pays your payment. The contact details for the relevant section is given on the back page of the application form - see ‘How to apply’ above.

Page updated: 20 December 2011



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