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Worksheet for calculating Rent Supplement
This is a worksheet to help you calculate Rent Supplement. This worksheet must be used with our document on 'How to calculate Rent Supplement'.

Worksheet on calculating your redundancy payment
Your redundancy lump sum is calculated according a certain formula based on your years of service in an employment. This worksheet is to help you work it out for yourself.

Worksheet: How to calculate your Family Income Supplement
This worksheet is to help you to work out the amount to Family Income Supplement you may get in 2017.

Worksheet: Jobseeker's Allowance and income from work
This worksheet can help you find out how part-time work can affect your Jobseeker's Allowance.

Worksheet: One-Parent Family Payment and income from work
This worksheet shows the effect of income from work on your One-Parent Family Payment.

Worksheet: State Pension (Non-Contributory) and income from work
Use this worksheet to find out how your earnings from employment will affect your State Pension (Non-Contributory).

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