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Seniors Alert Scheme


The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant support for the supply of equipment to enable older people without sufficient means to continue to live securely in their homes. The scheme, which is run by Pobal, replaced the Scheme of Community Support for Older People in May 2010. The grant assistance is made available through community and voluntary groups registered with Pobal.


Who is eligible for grant support?

The scheme provides assistance to older people. To be eligible you must be:

  • Aged 65 or over and have limited means or resources
  • Living alone or with someone who also meets the eligibility criteria
  • Living in the area covered by the community group administering the grant support
  • Able to benefit from the equipment being supplied
  • Willing to maintain contact with the community group

What type of equipment can be supplied?

Grant support is provided towards the cost of purchasing and installing monitored personal alarms, as well as additional or replacement pendants. Equipment supplied under the scheme remains the property of the community group.

How is an application for a grant made?

An application for a grant is made by the registered community group for your area. When a community group identifies an older person in its area as needing assistance, it:

  • Assesses the person’s eligibility for the scheme and completes the application form
  • Identifies the equipment required and obtains quotations from suppliers
  • Submits the application with supporting documentation to the Department.

Groups can apply for grants all year round.

What groups can register for the scheme?

Groups wishing to participate in the scheme need to register with Pobal first. Community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations are eligible to register. They must have a recognised structure and be able to demonstrate a capability of managing the grants. They must also have a record of working with older people in the community. A group will not be able to register where there is an existing group operating the scheme in the area.

How to apply

If you feel you may be eligible for grant support you should contact the group registered to operate the scheme in your area. You can contact Pobal at the address below for contact details. Pobal has information on groups that are registered (pdf) on its website. Pobal does not accept applications from individuals for grant support.

Groups wishing to register for the scheme can register online at

Further information on the scheme is available on Pobal’s website.

Where to apply

Contact the Seniors Alert Scheme section in Pobal at the address below or by email at for further information.


Holbrook House
Holles Street
Dublin 2
D02 EY84

Tel:(01) 511 7000
Fax:(01) 511 7981

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