Court of Criminal Appeal


Under the Court of Appeal Act 2014, the Court of Criminal Appeal was abolished. Appeals arising since 28 October 2014 are heard by the new Court of Appeal.

The Court of Criminal Appeal consisted of a Judge of the Supreme Court and two Judges of the High Court. It heard appeals against conviction or sentence from the Circuit Criminal Court, the Central Criminal Court and the Special Criminal Court and appeals against leniency of sentence only by the Director of Public Prosecutions.


In an appeal against conviction, the Court of Criminal Appeal could:

  1. dismiss the appeal or,
  2. quash the conviction and release the defendant or,
  3. quash the conviction and order a re-trial or,
  4. quash the conviction and, if the person appealing their conviction or sentence is considered to be guilty of some other offence, substitute a verdict and impose a sentence which is not more severe than the original one.

Page edited: 23 December 2015