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Renting a home

Overview Document Looking for a flat or house to rent Information for people looking for somewhere to rent: what questions to ask and information on your rights.

Tenants’ rights and obligations
The main rights and responsibilities of tenants in private rented accommodation derive from landlord and tenant law as well as from any written or oral tenancy agreement.

Landlords’ rights and obligations
Landlords have certain rights and obligations, which derive from landlord and tenant law as well as from any tenancy agreement (written or spoken) between landlord and tenant.

Private tenants: security of tenure
Fixed-term and periodic tenancies: security of tenure under Part 4 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

Rent increases in private rented accommodation
There are detailed rules governing the review and raising of private rents. These rules changed in December 2015.

Rent books
In general, tenants are legally entitled to a rent book, which records the rent paid and must contain specific information.

Housing Assistance Payment
The Housing Assistance Payment, which will eventually replace long-term Rent Supplement, is being phased in at present.

Tax issues for tenants
Describes the rules on tax relief for private tenants, which is being phased out. Also covers the requirement to deduct tax from your rent payments if your landlord lives abroad, unless you pay rent through an agent.

Minimum standards for rented housing
Landlords are legally obliged to ensure that their properties comply with minimum physical standards.

If your landlord wants you to leave
The rules that private landlords and housing associations must comply with when ending a residential tenancy.

Resolving disputes between landlords and tenants
The Residential Tenancies Board provides a dispute resolution service for landlords and tenants in private rented accommodation and housing association tenancies.

Sharing accommodation with your landlord
This document explains the position of tenants who live in their landlord's home. There are different rules, depending on whether or not your accommodation is self-contained.

Registering a tenancy
Private landlords and housing associations must register residential tenancies with the Residential Tenancies Board.

Residential Tenancies Board
The Residential Tenancies Board maintains a register of private rented tenancies and housing association tenancies and provides a dispute resolution service.



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