Help with buying a home

Taking out a mortgage
A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment. You need to assess your finances and ensure that you can manage the repayments. The Central Bank has set limits on the size of residential mortgages.

Help to Buy incentive
The Help to Buy scheme offers a tax refund for first-time buyers of newly built homes.

Local authority mortgages
Local authorities can provide mortgages to people who cannot get a loan from a building society or bank.

Mortgage Allowance Scheme
An allowance of €11,450 over 5 years is payable to local authority tenants, tenant purchasers and some housing association tenants who take out a mortgage to buy or build a house.

Low cost housing sites
Local authorities may provide housing sites at low cost to help people in housing need to provide their own housing.

Home Choice Loan
A mortgage for first-time buyers who cannot get a mortgage or sufficient finance from a bank or a building society.

Shared Ownership Scheme
This scheme enabled low-income purchasers to buy a proportion of a home to begin with, increasing in steps until the whole house was owned. It has now been stood down.

Affordable housing schemes
The affordable housing schemes have been stood down. They helped eligible first-time buyers to buy homes at below their market price.