Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme


The HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme is responsible for carrying out the National Sexual Health Strategy 2015 – 2020.

The programme also has statutory responsibility for:

  • Reducing the number of crisis pregnancies by providing education, advice and contraceptive services
  • Reducing the number of women with crisis pregnancies who opt for abortion by offering services and supports which make other options more attractive
  • Providing counselling services, medical services and other health services to provide support after crisis pregnancy

Education resources

The website is a resource for young people and parents, with information on sex education.

There are other resources for parents, teachers and youth workers on the Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme website, The website includes information sections on consent, contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Crisis pregnancies and pregnancy counselling

My Options is a freephone helpline that provides information and support on all your options if you have an unplanned pregnancy, including information on continued pregnancy supports and abortion services.

Read more about support services for unplanned pregnancy here.

Page edited: 21 January 2019