Crisis Pregnancy Programme


The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme is responsible for developing and implementing a national strategy to address the issue of crisis pregnancy. The Crisis Pregnancy Programme works to achieve the following core objectives:

  • Reducing the number of crisis pregnancies by providing education, advice and contraceptive services
  • Reducing the number of women with crisis pregnancies who opt for abortion by offering services and supports which make other options more attractive
  • Providing counselling services, medical services and other health services to provide support after crisis pregnancy

Education resources

The website is a Crisis Pregnancy Programme resource for young people and parents with information on sex education. There are other resources for parents, teachers and youth workers on the Crisis Pregnancy Programme website.

The Programme provides information on contraception at

Crisis pregnancies and pregnancy counselling

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme website Positive Options provides details of organisations that offer pregnancy counselling services in Ireland. These counselling services are free of charge. Positive Options also provides a text message facility to get a list of these services: Freetext LIST to 50444.

In a counselling session, the counsellor will help you to work towards making your own best decisions. Pregnancy counselling provides an opportunity for you to explore your feelings about your pregnancy and to discuss the options open to you.

Abortion aftercare

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme funds free medical and counselling services for women in Ireland who have had an abortion abroad. For details of services that provide free post-abortion counselling and medical check-ups, visit

Where to apply

For information about free crisis pregnancy counselling services in your area, visit or text the word LIST, free of charge, to 50444.

For details of services that provide free post-abortion counselling and medical check-ups, visit

Page edited: 24 June 2015