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Social Work Services


The public health service is obliged to provide social work services for children considered to be 'at risk' and for other child care services. These services are delivered at a local level by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

The HSE may also provide social work services for other groups or individuals. Social work services are delivered by teams of social workers, working with individuals, families and groups experiencing social and emotional difficulties. The aim of social work is to help people achieve change and make decisions which will improve their quality of life. It is also a function of social work to identify options and support steps to advance social policy and service delivery.

Most public hospitals employ social workers whose main task is to help people when they leave the hospital. They may find suitable accommodation for them, help them to find a nursing home place or ensure that the necessary supports are in place if they return home.

The majority of social workers employed by the HSE are involved in delivering child care services. This involves identifying and dealing with children at risk, dealing with adoption and fostering services and working with the criminal justice system in the case of child offenders.

The availability of social workers for non-child-related services varies considerably from one HSE Administrative Area to another and within HSE Administrative Areas. Some Local Health Offices employ social workers specifically to cater for the needs of older people.

Other groups and individuals that social workers may provide services to are:

Social workers

Social workers are registered at the Health and Social Care Professionals Council at CORU. Registration applies to anyone wishing to practise in Ireland in the regulated professions. It will cover everyone, regardless of whether they received their qualifications in Ireland, within the EEA/EU or elsewhere and whether they work in the public, voluntary or private sector, as an employee or as a private practitioner.

The Irish Association of Social Workers, is the the national body representing Social Workers. For more information on social work, contact the Assocation at the address below. (See 'Where to apply').


The Health Service Executive (HSE) is obliged to provide social work services for children considered to be 'at risk' and other child care services. The HSE may provide other individual services, but they are not obliged to do so.


Assistance, advice and support provided by social workers and social work services provided by your Local Health Office are all free of charge.

Where To Apply

You can apply directly to your Local Health Office or hospital for assistance from a social worker.

Further information on social workers and working as a social worker is available from;

Irish Association of Social Workers

114-116 Pearse Street

Tel:+353 1 677 4838

CORU Health and Social Care Professionals Council

13-15 The Mall
Beacon Court
Bracken Rd.
Dublin 18

Tel:01 293 3160
Fax:01 293 3170

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