The President

President - introduction
The head of State is called the President. Introducing the office of the Irish President.

Functions of the President
The head of State in Ireland is known as the President. Find out about the important functions of the Irish President.

President - Summoning and dissolving the Dáil
This document describes the functions of the President in summoning and dissolving the Dail

President - Convening the Oireachtas
This document describes the President of Ireland's power to convene a meeting of either or both Houses of the Oireachtas.

President of Ireland and legislation
The President of Ireland has certain powers in relation to legislation. Overview of President's powers.

Inauguration and removal of the President
This document describes the inauguration of the President of Ireland and the circumstances in which the President may be removed from office.

President - representing the people
The President's role in representing the people of Ireland.

Council of State
The Council of State is an advisory group that aids and counsels the President.

Presidential Commission
The Presidential Commission steps in to perform the duties of the President if they are absent, ill or in the event of death or resignation of the President.

Appointments made by the Irish President
The President has an important role in appointing people to various offices of State.

President and the Defence Forces
The President's role as Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces in Ireland.

President's Award - Gaisce
The President's Award is the President's 'National Challenge' Award made to young people in Ireland between the ages of 15 and 25 years.