Referendum result in Ireland


The following information explains how referendum results are collated.

The day after the poll, the ballot boxes will be opened at a designated count centre in each constituency. The votes for and against the proposed amendment will be counted and the local returning officer will report the result to the referendum returning officer.

When the referendum returning officer has received all of the results from all of the constituencies, they will draw up a provisional referendum certificate stating the overall result of the voting. The certificate will also state whether the proposed amendment has been approved by the people.

The provisional certificate will be published in Irish Oifiguil (the Official Gazette). If you wish to challenge the provisional certificate, you must present a petition to the High Court within 7 days of the publication of the provisional certificate. If no petition in presented to the High Court, the certificate becomes final.

If the final certificate shows that the majority of the votes cast were in favour of the proposal to amend the Constitution, the Bill is signed by the Irish President and the Constitution is then amended.

Page edited: 30 April 2015