Nomination of Candidates for election to the European Parliament


In order to be nominated for election of the European Parliament, you may either nominate yourself or one elector for the constituency may nominate you.

You must complete a "nomination paper" and present it to the returning officer for your constituency. If you wish, you may state your party affiliation on your nomination paper. If you are not a member of an Irish political party but you are member of a political group in the European Parliament, you may have the name of that group included on all ballot papers and notices. You may also submit a photograph and/or a political party emblem to appear on the ballot paper.

If you are not an Irish or U.K. citizen, you must also make a statutory declaration and produce an attestation from your home Member State that you are not disqualified from standing as a candidate there.

The returning officer must decide on the validity of your nomination paper within one hour after it is presented to him or her. He or she will object to your name (or description) if

  • it is not the name by which you are commonly known
  • it is misleading or likely to cause confusion
  • it is unnecessarily long or
  • it contains a political reference.

You must change the particulars on the nomination paper if the returning officer raises an objection. The returning officer must hold that your nomination paper is valid if it is properly filled out and signed. In the case of a national of a Member State other than Ireland or the U.K, the returning officer may refuse to hold the paper valid if it is not accompanied by the necessary declaration and attestation regarding eligibility to stand.

As a candidate at a European Parliament election, you are entitled to send one election letter free of postage charge to every elector in the constituency. If you are a member of a political party with another candidate in the constituency, you will only be allowed one election letter free of postage charge between you.


To be nominated for membership of the European Parliament, candidates must either:

  • Produce a Certificate of Party Affiliation or
  • Produce a document containing 60 signatures of "assenters" who are registered voters in the constituency or
  • Pay a deposit of €1,800.

To "assent" to the nomination, the voters must sign the candidate's nomination paper and show photographic identification to the local authority official in charge. A person can only assent to one nomination per election.

If you wish to supply a photograph or a party emblem, it must meet certain requirements regarding shape and size. If you do not supply a photograph and/or emblem, the space or spaces provided on the ballot paper will be left blank.


There is no charge for applying for nomination for election to the European Parliament.

How to apply

You must obtain a nomination paper from the returning officer for your constituency.

Where to apply

You must apply to the returning officer for your constituency who is either a City or County Sheriff or a County Registrar. Contact information for the returning officer for your constituency is available from the Franchise Section of your local authority.

There is more information on european elections on the website of the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

Page edited: 14 March 2014