European elections - alternative voting arrangements


The following people may vote by post in a European Parliament election:

To vote by post, a ballot paper will be posted to you at your home. You must arrange to have a declaration of identity witnessed by a Garda before marking the ballot paper in the Garda station and returning it by post to the returning officer.

Special voting arrangements apply to electors living in hospitals, nursing homes or similar institutions who are unable to vote due to a physical illness or disability. The ballot paper is brought to them in the institution and they vote in the presence of a special presiding officer accompanied by a Garda.

Electors with physical disabilities who have difficulty in gaining access to their local polling station may be allowed to vote at a more accessible station in the constituency.

There is more information on european elections on the website of the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

Page edited: 14 March 2014