European Elections

European elections
Direct elections to the European Parliament take place every 5 years throughout the European Union.

Voting procedure in a European election
Explanation of the system of voting in an election to the European Parliament.

Eligibility for Membership of the European Parliament
To be eligible for membership of the European Parliament, you must fulfil certain criteria. Find out whether you might be eligible and why some people are disqualified.

Nomination of Candidates for election to the European Parliament
How to nominate someone else or be nominated for election to the European Parliament.

Replacement Candidates for the European Parliament
If a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) resigns or dies, their vacancy is filled from a replacement list of eligible candidates.

European elections - counting the votes
How your vote is counted in an election to the European Parliament.

European elections - alternative voting arrangements
Alternative voting arrangements that are place to facilitate elections to the European Parliament.