Waste management and recycling

Overview Document Recycling services and waste management Overview of the arrangements for waste management and recycling.

Household waste services
A brief description of how household waste is disposed of.

Tax relief on domestic service charges
Tax relief on local authority and other service charges has ended. It can no longer be claimed.

Recycling domestic waste
Describes where to recycle domestic waste and what happens to recycled items

Composting domestic waste
Recycling and composting of domestic waste is a way of reducing household waste sent to landfill. What is composting and how do you get started?

Burning household waste
Burning household waste at home or in your garden is illegal. If convicted of illegally burning waste, you can incur a fine or a prison sentence.

Landfill Sites
This document explains how waste is disposed of in a landfill site and the rules governing the operation of landfill sites in Ireland.

Plastic Bag Environmental Levy
There is a charge for plastic shopping bags issued by retailers at points of sale. Find out about the charge and the situations where you will not have to pay for plastic bags.

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment
Information about electrical and electronic waste material - WEEE.

Recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Retailers have to take back waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE). Find out about the regulations governing take back and recycling of WEEE.

How to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle
An end-of-life vehicle is a car or small van which is to be scrapped. Find out what you must do if want to dispose of one.
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