Environmental law

European environmental law
Overview of legislation, policy and funding programmes for the protection of the environment.

Environmental protection of nature and biodiversity
A range of Irish and EU legislation aims to ensure biodiversity by conserving natural habitats and wild fauna and flora.

Genetically modified organisms
EU environmental protection includes regulation on the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). There is a broad legal framework to ensure that GMOs and GMO-derived products that are grown, marketed and imported to the EU meet certain safety standards

Climate change
Causes and impacts of climate change and the steps being taken to address it.

Waste management legislation
There is a range of Irish and EU legislation dealing with the disposal of different types of waste. Find out more.

Access to environmental information
You have the right to access certain information about the environment and pollutants that may affect it. Find out how to access environmental information.

Judicial review in planning and environmental matters
Public decisions may be judicially reviewed by the High Court to determine whether they are illegal. Find out about judicial review in the environmental and planning areas.

Aarhus Convention and related agreements
The Aarhus Convention sets out rules to promote public participation in environmental matters. Read about the Convention and related agreements.