Appealing the Leaving Certificate results


Students who are not satisfied with the marks they got in one or more of their Leaving Certificate results can appeal those results to the State Examinations Commission. Before you make the decision to appeal your result(s), you may view your examination script and then make your decision.

Viewing your examination papers

When you receive your exam results, your school will also have a personalised application form that shows your details, including your subjects. If you decide you would like to view a particular paper, you mark the form accordingly. You must return the completed form to view your exam papers to your school by a specified date. The Organising Superintendent appointed by the State Examinations Commission will assign you to one of the viewing sessions. You can find information about viewing marked examination papers on the State Examinations Commission website.

The results of oral examinations or the marks for practical examinations cannot be viewed. Only the scripts from the written examinations can be viewed.

Appealing your results

The State Examinations Commission will provide your school with a personalised appeal application form. (For external candidates, this form will be enclosed with your examination results.) You indicate the subjects you wish to appeal on the appeal form. A result may be upgraded or downgraded as a result of an appeal.

Your application to appeal your 2017 examination results must be received by 6 September 2017.

Appeal process

Your script will be sent to an appeal examiner for re-marking. This examiner will be different from the examiner who originally marked your work. The same marking scheme is used for re-marking. This means that appeal examiners apply the same standards in re-marking as were applied to all candidates in the original examination. There is further information about the appeal process on the website of the State Examinations Commission.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your appeal, you may request an appeal review by the Independent Appeals Scrutineers. Application forms for an appeal review are provided with your appeal results.

Rectification outside of the appeal process

If you have viewed your script and believe there is a clear discrepancy between the mark awarded and the subsequent grade awarded, you also have means of redress. You should ask the Organising Superintendent at the viewing session for a Form AP1 and complete in accordance with the instructions. (You should note that this facility applies only where it's clear that the total mark is inconsistent with the grade awarded and where this matter can be resolved administratively). Information on appealing your results and rectification outside of the appeal process is available on the State Examinations Commission's website.


One person may accompany the student when he/she is looking at the script. The student cannot arrange for someone else to look at a script in his/her place.


The appeal fee is €40 per subject for the Established Leaving Certificate and must be paid in advance. The appeal fee for the Applied Leaving Certificate is €15.50 per subject. This fee is returned to you if the result is upgraded. Refunds will be made through your school, if you are entered for the exam by your school.

How to apply

The student fills in the personalised appeal application form.

The student brings this form to a bank and pays the appeal fee using the bank giro facility on that form. There is a unique reference number on the bank giro form so this form must be used and not the bank's own bank giro form.

(Using the bank's own giro form may delay or totally invalidate your appeal because it could prove very difficult to subsequently prove you paid the appropriate fee.) The bank must stamp the form. The student must bring the form back to the school.

You can also pay your appeal fee online. You must then provide a printed copy of this e-mail confirmation to the Organising Superintendent at the school/centre where you sat your examination, along with your completed appeal application form.

The school/centre will associate your completed appeal application and evidence of payment with the relevant examination script(s) and send them to the State Examinations Commission.

The closing date for receipt of appeals by the State Examinations Commission for 2017 is Wednesday 6 September 2017. This means your school will have to post your application on Tuesday 5 September so you need to have paid the fee and returned the form to your school on Monday 4 September or early on 5 September.

Where to apply

State Examinations Commission


Tel:(090) 644 2700
Fax:(090) 644 2744

Page edited: 17 July 2017