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Sudden or unexplained death

When someone dies unexpectedly
An overview of what happens when someone dies as a result of an accident or in unexplained circumstances.
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A Coroner in Ireland is an independent official with legal responsibility for the investigation of sudden and unexplained deaths.

A postmortem is a medical examination into the health of someone during their life and their cause of death. Circumstances in which postmortems take place in Ireland.

Inquests are official enquiries into the cause of a sudden, unexplained or violent death of a person.

Exhumation of the remains of a deceased person
Rules governing the exhumation of the remains of a deceased person in Ireland and how to apply for an exhumation licence.

Missing, presumed dead
If someone in Ireland is missing and presumed dead, there are important implications for the estate of the missing person. Information on the procedures when this occurs.



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