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Civil partnerships

Civil partnership and same-sex couples
A statutory civil partnership registration scheme for same-sex couples has been setup under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.

How civil partnership changes your legal status
Civil partnership gives rise to many far-reaching legal consequences and there are various areas in which being in a civil partnership will affect your entitlements and obligations.

Legal prerequisites for a civil partnership
This document describes legal prerequisites that both parties must fulfil in order to have the legal capacity to enter into a civil partnership. If they lack capacity under any heading the civil partnership would be void at law in Ireland.

Notification requirements for civil partnership
Outlines the three months' notification procedure which both parties to a civil partnership must fulfil in order to be legally entitled to enter into a civil partnership.

Registering a civil partnership
How civil partnerships are registered in Ireland. Also instructions on where and how to get a civil partnership certificate and costs.

Civil partnership and social welfare entitlements
In certain situations, people in civil partnerships may be entitled to certain social welfare benefits or allowances not available to cohabiting couples. Find out more information and where to apply.

Taxation of married people and civil partners
There are three ways in which you can be taxed as a married person or as a civil partner in Ireland. Explore the options and find out how to apply.
This document is in: Money and Tax > Tax > Income tax

Civil partnership and inheritance
Describes the issues relating to inheritance in civil partnerships.

Residence rights of family members
Foreign nationals who move to Ireland may be entitled to bring their family to live with them.
This document is in: Moving Country > Moving to Ireland > Rights of residence in Ireland

Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit
Details of the arrangements to give access to employment for spouses, partners and dependants of non-EEA nationals who are holders of Critical Skills Employment Permits and researchers.
This document is in: Employment > Migrant workers > Employment permits



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